I focus on High-end Digital Experiences

Design & Apps

As 3d design veteran and programmer I can provide all aspects of your app. Working on AAA games brought my quality standard to the next level and gave me great experience that we reapply today on the mobile and vr market.


I have a great love for the compelling experiences Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can provide thats why the last 5 years been mostly VR and AR App development for Architecture, Consumer Products, Simulations and Games

Game Dev

Starting as a game artist I still love and believe in games as the most compelling medium. Designing a game is awesome! Giving people an emotional


Some of my work.

Pier 2

iOS Application

Dubai Hills

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality for iOS & Android

Terminator Salvation

AAA Game Models

Custom Motorcycle

Vehicle Design

Ampyx Power

VR Simulator

Depot Software

VR App

Procedural Products

Unity3D App

Makro Crazy Karts

Unity3D Web App


How I started freelancing

  • 2009

    Games Games Games

    Working in the Games Industry was great fun: Great big projects, very friendly and talented colleagues and a great learning experience. But back then working conditions were awfull. You were told: Hey you got the greatest job in the world so you can earn half a descent salary

  • April 2009

    My own company is Born

    After the crisis hit and the game company I was working for went bankrupt the boiling point was met. I was to create a nice, well payed eco system for all those talented people thats why I started my company

  • 2010+

    fulltime Unity

    Just before Unity3D went sky rocketing I jumped on the train and started to combine my 3d passion with programming. The whole realtime visualisation industry shifted from old software to Unity3D. I still do most of the projects on this wonderfull platform.

  • Now

    The age of mixed reality

    With so many potential I'm realy enjoying on working on the possible future of media allmost every day now!

Our Amazing Team

I'm a fulltime freelancer but take on big projects with my awesome artist friends from the game industry

Steven Ramaker

3D Design ninja / Programmer

Located around Amsterdam but working globally

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